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What Is Baba Nyonya?

The Peranakans or Baba Nyonya are a sub-ethnic group defined by their genealogical descent from the first waves of Chinese migrants. These Chinese settlers intermarried with the locals and settled here during the early 1400s. They are characterised by its unique hybridisation of ancient Chinese culture with the local cultures of the region thus created a fusion culture of their own - Baba Nyonya community.

What is Baba Nyonya Food?

From the Malay influence, a unique “Nyonya” cuisine has developed using typical Malay spices and blending of Chinese ingredients with various distinct cooking techniques used by the Malay community. This gives rise to Peranakan interpretations of Malay food that is similarly tangy, aromatic, spicy and herbal.

Besides that, Baba Nyonya is also well known for a wide variety of desserts include colourful cakes (kueh or kue) and sweet, sticky delicacies such as Ang Ku Kue, Nyonya Bak Chang, Kueh Kochi, Kueh Kapit, Kueh Bangket and many more.

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